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Rebecca Airies



Shapeshifters, warriors, wizards and men from distant worlds


Primal Quest
Shapeshifter romance
Available Now
Isbn #:  1-4199-0549-X

Caidi became Acine—alpha female—of her pack at a young age. In the years since that hard time, she has led her pack of shape-shifting Zarain into prosperity, all without the help of a single male. She has almost everything she could want, except for one thing…a baby. Caidi knows that even getting pregnant won’t be easy, but she’s willing to take the risk to get what she wants. And then everything goes wrong.


Raven, an alpha Shadatai Zarain warrior, doesn’t know the blonde woman who approaches him in a tavern, but he knows he wants her. After just one night with her, he has no doubts. He’s found his mate—and she isn’t getting away from him.


Now that Raven has found his mate, her safety is one of his highest priorities. Caidi’s life is dangerous and she needs his protection. Whether or not she wants to accept it doesn’t matter.

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Second Chance
Releasing October 4
Futuristic Menage 
Ellora's Cave
ISBN #  1-4199-0776-X

They’re the men of her dreams, literally—but now Laci awakens to find herself naked at the feet of the two sexy men who have been haunting her fantasies. She had thought they were just her imagination’s way of dealing with the loneliness of her hard life—as a human-alien hybrid created by a corrupt bureaucracy of scientists, Laci has been devoting most of her time to hunting down her enemies. But these men are very real, and so are the shackles they’ve placed around her wrists.


Alek and Darion have been searching for Laci for years. Yet from almost the moment she speaks, they know she’s different from the woman they remember. Their hunger and deep love for her overpowers them both. They won’t let her run from the truth—or from them.


Laci must face a past she never knew in order to deal with the two men in her present. Alek and Darion must get to know their mate all over again and gain her trust. And the three of them must stay out of reach of their creators, who are just waiting to strike.


Note: This book contains male/male sexual interaction.

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Fire Princes' Bride
Contract offered by Ellora's Cave Publishing
     Aliara Karissa Moshen is a woman with a mission . . . find a way to stay out of the Frejan Court, the Ice Court, and away from the advisors who think she needs to begin searching for her mate.  She discovers a way when the Princes of the Volirian Realm, the Fire Realm, suddenly go missing. 
     Prince Tyral and Prince Callan would have had no trouble leaving the planet they had been thrown onto by an enemy's spell, but once they took a look around they were in no hurry. They'd seen this planet in their dreams and they knew that a woman should be on this planet.  Determined not to leave without her, they wait on the planet. 
     Karissa enjoys her time with two of the sexiest men she has ever met.  Tall, blue-green and sexy, Tyral and Callan change her life.  When she returns home, she learns just how much. This isn't something she can run from or ignore.
     Going to the Volirian Court, she knows she'll find different customs and ideas, but she never bargained on danger and someone determined to kill her. 

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