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Rebecca Airies

Fire Princes' Excerpt

Excerpt of Chapter One

Karissa Moshen of Tengan House pushed open the door and stepped onto the cobbled path outside of the little tavern on Vinganis.  A blast of sorcery slammed into her back.  Magic sizzled over her skin with an almost blistering heat.  Her Ice Spirit reacted immediately sending a wave of cold energy through her, almost encasing her in a shell of ice to protect her from the heat. 
The impact of the magic hit her with the force of an avalanche.  It stole her breath and threw her forward into a whirling vortex of enchantment.  The feel of the displacement as she careened through the whirling, black and gray spatial tunnel was unmistakable and thrilling.
The wild ride ended without warning and she was hurled from the tunnel.  There was only an instant to realize that the tunnel ended in the air and then she dropped.  She fell, landing hard on rocky ground. 
Karissa lay still for a moment, groaning as she felt the rock beneath her hip.  That was going to bruise.  She moved her arms and legs cautiously to check for injuries.  Once she was sure she hadn’t broken anything, she sat up to get a better look at the area.  She looked around and then up at the pale, green sky.  She’d been thrown onto a rocky barren patch of ground near the edge of a forest and the two moons which hung in the sky verified that she was no longer on Vinganis. 
She ran her eyes around the area and felt momentary relief as she recognized some of the flora on this planet.  The trees were a mixture of the silver and green leafed, conical meshan and the green leafed, round topped recal.  Wild marose and telasion flowers grew near the edge of the forest.  Well, at least I won’t starve.  With all the familiar vegetation, she should be able to find food that she recognized here.
This is what I get for going after missing Fire Princes.  She thought, eyeing the forest before her.  Looking around the area, she saw no sign of habitation and little sign of animal life.
It should’ve been a simple mission, even a little routine.  Track down the two missing men who she’d supposed had been having too much fun to remember that they’d been expected back some time ago.  Princes and Princesses could sometimes be very egocentric.  She’d begun her search where she knew they should be.  This was the Volirian Realm, their realm, everyone knew them. 
She’d had no trouble finding information on the Princes’ journeys.  They’d last been seen traveling to the world of Vinganis.  A few questions in that little tavern had seemed to gain her nothing and then right as she was leaving, she’d been blasted.  Apparently, someone didn’t want the Princes found.
Rissa had had her own reasons for taking this mission.  She’d been desperate to get out of the Frejan court.  The King and the advisors of the Frejan court had been getting nervous.  She knew that it wouldn’t be too long until they sent her on her Ra’Asien.  By rights, she should have another two hundred years to play with before she even thought of taking a mate.  She was only twenty five, but she wasn’t going to get the extra time that other women had. 
She sighed.  Now, she had a bigger problem to handle than being sent to search for her mate.
A magical shield surrounded the planet preventing her from merely creating her own spatial tunnel right back to Vinganis.  That shield would allow the tunnel to bring other victims here, but would let nothing out.  She’d have to have some help to leave this planet.
With a strong enough blast of magic, that shield could be destroyed; a lighter blast could rip it for a small time.  The problem was that if she generated even the small ripping surge of energy on her own she wouldn’t be conscious to use it.  If another Elemental had been trapped here, together, they could burst the shield and still have the energy to leave. 
“Which way should I go?”  She turned in a circle surveying the land. 
A mountain loomed on one side, forest on two and grasslands stretched as far as she could see in the final direction.  There was no sign of habitation or indication that there had ever been anyone else on this planet.  She decided to use an elementary finding spell to make her decision easier.
Powers of Sea, Rain, and Snow heed my call.
The sun is sinking and night will soon fall.
Show me the path which I must race
To find another and flee this cursed place.
Sparkling prisms of light began to move away from her.  Karissa dashed after them, following the lights into the forest.  The flashes of luminescence raced ahead, testing her ability to keep them in sight.  She sprinted to keep up, taking no notice of the path or the noise she made as she ran.  Trusting her magic, she focused on the lights.
She burst from the forest into a clearing and ran into an invisible wall.  Held there, suspended, she had only a moment to realize the danger.  Power pulsed into her, knocking her back.  She tumbled to the ground and blinked hazily.  A moment later, everything faded to black. 
Callan Forain, Prince of the Volirian Realm cursed when he saw the woman fall unconscious to the ground.  Just one glimpse had been enough to assure him that she was the one they’d been expecting.  This wasn’t the way he’d envisioned meeting this woman. 
By the Fires, she was beautiful.  Her silver blonde hair was secured at the back of her head and the spiraling curls trailed down her back.  The golden glow of her skin spoke of health, vitality and strength.  His eyes tracked over her softly rounded face, lingered on her full, inviting lips.  Although her eyes were closed, he knew her eyes were green, a deep green.
Dressed in an icy green tunic and pants of a slightly darker green as well as cream colored boots, the emblem on her shirt identified her as an Aliara.  There was no doubt that she was Frejan.  The Frejan realm was the only realm that had a feminine version of the Aliar.  The Aliar were negotiators, diplomats, trusted messengers. They performed whatever duty they were assigned.
This tall, lushly built woman drew him even when she was unconscious.  His eyes slid over the full mounds of her breasts and lower to where he could see the slight, rounded swell of her stomach beneath the tight tunic.  She would be a luscious handful.
His mouth watered as he surveyed her from head to the tips of her boots.  He was a man who liked a woman with curves, loved to feel their soft skin against him, accepting him as he moved against them.  He wanted to take that tunic off and feast on those full breasts and taste the nectar of her desire. 
His eyes moved to her wrists.  Would she like being bound?  He longed to touch her skin to see if that flesh was truly as soft, as smooth as it looked, but he knew that he couldn’t.  Although she was unconscious, the situation had become very dangerous.  He could see the mist rising around her. 
Her Ice Spirit was materializing to guard her from further attack while she was unconscious.  The Ice Elemental was long and lithe, her form hazy, but he was under no impression that she was defenseless.  The binding shield spell which she had triggered had bound her magic, not her Elemental symbiote’s powers.
“Come near her and I will turn you into a Sobrin icicle.”  The Spirit warned.
“No harm was intended to your host.  The spell was set against our enemies.  We had no idea who was coming down that path.”  Callan rushed to assure the Ice Elemental.  It wouldn’t do to get on the bad side of this Elemental Spirit.
Tyral came running into the small clearing in the forest.  He took in the situation with a mere glance at the woman laying on the ground and the Ice Spirit hovering over her in a defensive posture.  “A Frejan Aliara, it’s unusual to see anyone from the Ice Court here.  The world she had to be sent from is in the Volirian Realm.  She was sent to look for us?”  He narrowed his eyes as Callan continued to smile at the spirit.  We have to calm her down. 
The demand had come on the thought path they’d shared since before they’d begun using words.  Callan resisted the urge to roll his eyes.  He was trying to think of a way to soothe her.  All Elemental Spirits are naturally highly sexual.  Appealing to this Elemental’s lusty needs might be one way of relaxing her, soothing the anger that simmers around her.  
“She volunteered for reasons of her own, but for her efforts and the simple mention of your names in a tavern, she was attacked and catapulted to the prison planet.”  The Ice Spirit sneered, her features undeniably sexy. 
“That would do it if they were afraid that someone would talk to her.”  Callan thanked the gods that the attackers had such faith in their shielded prison planet.
“Then she casts a simple spell to find someone to help her leave this planet and she ends up unconscious, with her powers bound.  I will protect her.  Don’t think that you are safe from me when she is conscious.  If you do anything that I consider threatening, I’ll have no qualms about putting you in ice, regardless of your status as a prince.”  Ice and snow swirled in the air along with the threat.
“We won’t hurt her.”  Tyral shot a glance at Callan.  “We can’t give you a promise to keep our hands off of her when she is conscious.  She’s very beautiful.” 
“She’s young.”  The Elemental gave them an accessing look.  “She doesn’t understand or acknowledge most of her needs.”
“We’re capable lovers.  She’ll find no fault with us and think of the energy we could produce with sex magic with her as part of the generation, if it’s needed.  She’s a powerful Frejan woman.”  Callan kept his eyes on the Ice Spirit while internally he was marveling.  In spite of the tense situation, he could feel his own Elemental reaching for the female Elemental"
“A blast of sex-based magic could easily destroy the shield here.”  The Ice Elemental acknowledged.  “That won’t be possible until her powers are freed from the binding spell.”
“That release will take a few days.  She’ll have time to become familiar with our touch, to trust us.”  Callan edged closer just a step, but was careful not to make the Spirit nervous. 
He smiled wryly.  They’d arrived here much like the woman lying on the ground, but when they’d arrived their first thought hadn’t been of leaving.  They’d begun searching – for the blond beauty on the ground.  They had dreamed of her for many years and had known that she was the one meant for them.  When they’d recognized this planet from their dreams, they had known this was where they would meet her and expected her to have been trapped here somehow, perhaps through the schemes of the same Volirian Royalists who had arranged their stay here. 
“She wakes.  Remember my warning.”  The Ice Elemental sent a wave of sleet down on them as a reminder.
The misty figure faded and the foggy vapor entered the woman’s body.  The blond woman groaned softly, placed a hand to her head before her eyelids slowly fluttered.

Uncontracted, 2005

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