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Rebecca Airies

The Fire Princes--Teaser

Light Teaser excerpt
Just a note here. *Ijina* is Kari's Elemental Spirit.

   The waiting was making Karissa nervous. They’d returned to the couch and for sometime the two men had been talking of inconsequential things. She hadn’t been paying much attention as her anxiety grew.
   Who says you have to wait for them to make a move? Ijina chuckled. You want it. Go get it. You already know that they’re interested.
   A low chuckle rolled in the back of her throat. Ijina was right. They wanted her and they were about to get her.
   Callan looked up sharply at that sexy sound.
   She caught the confusion in Callan’s eyes and smiled as she turned and looped her arms around his neck. Her lips slid over his, her teeth nibbling on his lips before her tongue prodded the sealed flesh. With light, lapping strokes, she sought entry into the warmth of his mouth.
   Her tongue drove into his mouth when his lips parted. The rich, intan spice taste flowed into her mouth as his tongue stroked into her mouth. She took his wrist in one of her hands and urged his palm to her breast. Almost automatically, his fingers tightened on the full mound, squeezing and lifting.
   “I thought we were going to take this slow and let her relax,” Tyral didn’t sound upset with the change of plans as he moved up behind her.
   “We forgot to tell her.” Mumbled against her lips, the words were indistinct. Callan moved his hand as Tyral’s fingers came around and began to play with her large, long nipples through the smooth, green material of her tunic.
   Karissa moaned against Callan’s lips as callused fingertips rolled and pinched her nipples.
   “Did we forget that there are two men who want your sweet body, my Ice Lady?” Callan brushed kisses along her jaw and then back to her lips.
   “No, I didn’t forget. It just feels good,” she moaned and arched pressing her breasts into those talented hands.
   “I think we’re going to need more room than this couch allows.” Tyral pressed his hard shaft against her back, letting her feel how much he wanted her.
   Tyral pulled her with him as he rose to his feet. He swept her into his arms and carried her into the bedroom. “This first time, sweet Rissa, we’ll have the comfort and room of a bed. As you’re obviously ready to begin, there’s no reason to delay.”
   Her arms looped loosely around his shoulders. Her lips nibbled at the column of his neck. They wandered up to his left ear, her tongue roaming over his pointed ear before she began nibbling on his earlobe, moving to the rim of his ear.
   A harsh groan tore from his lips. “You don’t know what you do with that mouth of yours, tana.”
   She blinked.  They’d called her that before and other words that were obvious endearments, but she had no idea what any of them meant. Right now, her need was too great to work out the significance of those words.
   “I want you.” She nipped at the earlobe, holding on when he lowered her onto the soft, yellow sheets. She’d never wanted anyone with this intensity, this soon after meeting them.
   “Not nearly enough,” Callan corrected as he stood at the edge of the bed. “We want you naked and as hungry as we are.”
   The feel of his hand on her swollen aching breast distracted her. She arched her back, lifting the mound into his large palm. With one hand, he tugged her arms from around his neck and urged her back onto the bedding. The fingers of his other hand circled the hard tip thrusting against her tunic. Her eyes drifted closed in bliss as his fingers closed over the nipple. Without warning, his hands were gone. As her eyes snapped open, she saw him back away from her, but he was already too far away for her to grab.
   Callan came to stand beside him. “I think she’s wearing too many clothes.”

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