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Rebecca Airies

Primal Quest Teaser Excerpt

A Sexy Little Excerpt-unedited

 She stepped forward and laced her arms around his neck, removing the leather tie from his hair, freeing it to flow around his face. She threaded her fingers through his hair. The long, silky strands fell almost to the middle of his back. Reluctantly releasing his hair, she slid her hands down to his shirt. She unbuttoned the two buttons keeping it closed and skimmed her hands up the warm, hard muscles to his chest.
   He was so much larger than she was. Much larger than she had thought that he would be when he was sitting in the chair. As much as Caidi wanted him, she knew that there was something different about him. He was Zarain as she was, but she had never seen a Zarain as large as he was in all of her travels.
   He brushed her hands away from his chest. “Lie down for me,” he urged. “Don’t rush this. It will be good.”
   Caidi smiled and climbed onto the bed, playing the part of enthralled human when she longed to rip that shirt from his body and drive him to a fierce mating. She wanted his fire, his domination, but pushing him now wouldn’t be in character with what she was supposed to be. She sighed and decided that trying to incite his dominance would have to wait until later if there was time.
   Raven unbuckled his belt, took his sword, still in its scabbard, off of the belt and placed it on the small table near the bed. He sat beside her on the bed and took off his boots. He looked over at the golden-haired woman; there was something about her that urged him to be careful, that all wasn’t as it seemed. Conscious of the need for caution, he stood and unlaced his pants, but didn’t remove them. He didn’t want to frighten her.
   Cate’s luscious body beckoned. The mounds of her breasts drew his eyes with just as much force as the honey blonde triangle between her legs. He wanted everything, immediately. He wanted her taste flowing in his mouth, those pink lips on his body in any way she chose, the sheath of her cunt wrapped around his cock and her nipples pebbling in his mouth.
   Caidi shifted her position on the bed. With the absence of constant contact or stimulation, a human would be coming down from the Zarain scent-induced lust. She edged across the bed, keeping her eyes on him, with what she hoped appeared to be wary distrust rather than hunger. Taking one of the furs with her, she scooted backward, pressing the covering to her breasts.
   “Uh…um…I have to…” Caidi began in what she tried to make a nervous stammer.
   Even with her extraordinary eyesight, Caidi didn’t see him move. She blinked and then his weight hit the bed. In that rush of movement, she was pushed back on the mattress. His knees straddled her thighs, his hands landed beside her shoulders, securely caging her.
   He leaned over her, his breath fanning over her face as he gently nipped her full lower lip. There was something about this woman that pulled at the beast within him. He stilled, thinking, but she wriggled and his mind focused completely on the soft woman under him.
   “You have to kiss me, little Cate,” Raven instructed.
   Caidi readily followed his order. She raised her head, slanted her lips across his and tentatively entered his mouth with her tongue. Wanting to put her arms around his back, she lifted her arms, sliding her fingers under his shirt and over his ribcage in a light caress. He stopped her and urged her hands up to his neck. Caidi was a little curious about why he would do that, but everything felt too good to question it very long.
   His lips left hers after a last nip of her full, lower lip and traveled down her neck to the valley between her breasts. He placed a slow lick in the very center before he kissed his way to her right breast. His tongue lapped at her nipple and his teeth nibbled at the hardened peak, alternately stimulating and soothing the sensitive flesh, sending fire straight through her to the pulsing core of her desire.
   His hand eased her thighs apart and began stroking the warm flesh hidden there. His fingers stroked over her clit with knowing expertise. Caidi looked up into his eyes as he watched her reaction. She had never seen such intensity, such heat in anyone’s eyes. Within a few strokes, she was arching her hips into his hand as carnal hunger flared higher with each caress, each nibble.

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