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Rebecca Airies


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Reviewed by: Sheryl
5 stars!

As the Alpha of her female pack, Caidi has led them from hard times to prosperity, all without the help of a male but now Caidi wants a baby and for that she definitely needs a male. Getting pregnant will not be easy but with careful planning she intends to achieve her goal. But then everything falls apart. Raven is the Alpha of the Shadatai Zarain pack and when Caidi chooses him to impregnate her she is unaware that not only is he an Alpha but also her mate. When Raven learns that she is his mate he will do whatever it takes to make sure she knows it, even if he has to storm her barricades. Will they be able to live in harmony together?

Where women control their pack and men are nonexistent, Primal Quest will introduce you to men who want to protect their women, even if it means doing everything in their power to make them listen. Caidi is a woman used to doing things her way and when she discovers Raven, she is unsure of what to do but there is one thing she is certain of, he is her mate and more Alpha than her. Whereas Raven knows that Caidi is his and although he has trouble making her understand that fact, he is willing to do whatever it takes to protect her, even if it drives him insane. These two characters were absolutely perfect for one another, they were both strong and knew what to do to survive. My favorite part would have to be when Caidi and Raven first met, that part just cemented the whole story for me, it made me delve more into it as I read on. If you are a fan of the shapeshifter and futuristic genre then Primal Quest is a book that cannot be passed by, you need this one in your collection.

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Romance Junkies

Reviewed by Angel


Title: Primal Quest

Category: Paranormal

Reviewer: Angel

Authors: Rebecca Airies

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

Release Date: March 2006

ISBN: 141990549X

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK


Caidi Satoan just wants to find away to keep her tribe from extinction.  She never figures on finding her mate at the same time.


Caidi decides it’s time to replenish the tribe, so she and some friends decide to go to another planet to find acceptable males to impregnate them.  Figuring they are safe, they have no idea that the men they have chosen are actually their mates.  Caidi is the leader of her tribe and knows she must prepare her people for the new alpha male.  She knows that Raven won’t stop until he finds her; question is can her female tribe accept a male ruler?


Raven can’t explain the intense attraction he feels for the woman he meets.  After he finds out that she is his mate, he is even angrier that she would try to run from him.  For their race, finding a mate is rare and when you do, you certainly don’t let them get away.  Determined to find Caidi and make her submit to him, Raven will do whatever it takes to prove to her that they are meant to be together.  However, there is an evil lurking waiting to ruin their newfound happiness.


PRIMAL QUEST is an exciting novel with plenty of action to keep the reader happy.  Raven is sexy and dominant with an intense darkness that will make you melt.  Caidi is a great heroine and puts the needs of her tribe first.  Together this couple is dynamite and the explosion is nuclear.  Love scenes are so hot, it’s a wonder the pages don’t catch on fire.  Rebecca Airies has done a fantastic job of creating characters that readers are sure to remember long after the story is over.  I can’t wait to see what she comes up with for her next book.


Coffee Time Romance

Reviewed by: 


Ms. Airies gives readers a compelling story with wonderful world building, intriguing characters, and a well developed plot. ... With the creation of such wonderful worlds and characters, I hope as a reader that we will have a chance to revisit some of these interesting places and characters. I wish Ms. Airies much success with future endeavors.


Fallen Angel Reviews

Reviewed by:  Rachelle



A more complex tale of shifters than I’ve read before, Primal Quest gives readers an up close and personal look at a new world of shifters. ... What I found really fascinating is the culture given to Caidi’s pack and how it gave this story a complexity I didn’t anticipate when I first started reading.


Just Erotic Romance Reviews


Reviewer: Suni Farrar
Rating: 5 Stars
Heat level: O

Shadatai Zarain warriors are among the most feared shape-shifters. They are the last species that Caidi, alpha female of her pack, had in mind when searching for males to father the all female pack's children. Despite her well thought out plans, things go horribly wrong when Caidi seduces Raven.

Raven falls instantly in lust with the luscious blonde-haired woman. It does not take long for him to have her and soon after, he realizes he has searched many worlds for Caidi. She is his mate and he will never let her go. It does not matter how much she fights his interference in her life.

From start to finish, Primal Quest was an exciting adventure that warmed the heart and increased my blood pressure. The battle for power between Caidi and Raven caused me to shake my head, when I was not laughing. These two are used to others following their orders without question. Art imitates life in this story. Caidi, an alpha female pack leader, was willing to accept the changes occurring in her world. Raven, a macho, everything must go my way male, would not budge. Caidi just wanted a little respect for her abilities to lead and protect her pack mates. Raven wants her in the bed waiting for him. I wanted their war to go on forever. The sex generated from their friction sent sparks through my body. They would fight then make up, and I would need a toy break. It helped that I really enjoyed the characters and all they represented. It is a great thing that Primal Quest has a worthy plot, interesting worlds, and characters to go along with the hot sex. I thoroughly loved my time with this novel. I cannot wait to see what comes next. I have no doubt Ms. Aires has something fabulous up her sleeve.


Reviewer: KayleeMarie Walker
Rating: 5 Stars
Heat level: O

Rebecca Airies, Primal Quest is awesome. The plotline is well-written and packed with some elements of suspense, a whole lot of fantasy, some shape-shifting characters, an antagonist or two, a few humans and love scenes that are bound to set your sheets or your seat on fire because the words paint such visually stimulating pictures in your head. Caidi is independent, determined and used to taking care of her pack. Although she is the alpha of her pack, she wants to turn control over to Raven but knows that the Shadatai way of life is not necessarily what is right for her pack. Thus, she faces a dilemma. Bring him back to the pack or run. She chooses to run. Raven is a one hundred percent red blooded alpha male. He's possessive, domineering, determined to get his own way and willing to chase Caidi to whatever world he has to in order to claim her. So when she runs, he follows. What ensues is a changing of the guards, reorganization from within and an interweaving of the two packs as well as the development of love and trust between the packs’ two strong-willed alphas. Having finished the tale, I was sad to leave the Shadatai Zarain shape-shifters’ world in Ms. Airies, Primal Quest and hope she honors readers with another story set amidst the Shadatai Zarains.


Romance Reviews Today


Reviewer:  Connie Ruebusch


PRIMAL QUEST is sexy and wildly imaginative.  Rebecca Airies creates a world, or shall I say worlds, which are rich and incredibly descriptive.  The main characters are strong, brave and the ideal match for one another. ...if you are a fan of sexy science fiction, don’t miss this one.

From Just Erotic Romance Reviews
5 Stars
Heat Level: O
Reviewer: Oleta M Blaylock

Laci Trion is on the trail of a scientist who is wanted for crimes against an artificially created race of beings. She doesn't realize that when she lands on Viaga that she will find more than a criminal. She will find the answer to the dreams that have been plaguing her for so long. Laci is a Third Generation Arcein "Artificially Created being" and a Hunter.

Darion Malan and Alek Teyan are after the same scientist hoping that she can fix the virus that is affecting their crew and others on their planet. They also don't realize that part of their past is about to be dropped in their laps. They have been searching for Laci for a long time and finding her on the planet with the mad scientist is like a dream come true. They are also pleased to see that she is nothing like the mate that she was cloned from, Satira. Laci struggles against her destiny; not wanting to lose the freedom that she has worked so hard for. However, Alek and Darion do not intend to let her go.

Second Chance is an amusing, sexy, fast-paced story that will have you hoping for more of the same. Laci is a strong, intelligent and independent woman, but there is a part of her that wants to be dominated. Darion and Alek are the strong alpha males that are bound to each other and their mate. There is a lot of hot, steamy sex in this book that ranges for m/f to m/m/f. Ms. Airies has not just written a story of sex but of what happens when scientists are given free rein and to heck with the cost. This is what I hope is the beginning to a great series. She has put so much effort into the worlds and the people that they deserve to be explored fully. 

Reviewer:  Kirra Pierce
Rating: 4 Stars
Heat level: O 
This is a tough future world where the Norik, as Alek and Darion's people call themselves, have been experimented on to learn the secrets of their people's long life and other abilities. Once free, they still have enemies to deal with and information to obtain and, therefore, the weak would not do well here. Alek and Darion's personalities reflect these tough surroundings. Laci is the innocent in the story. She is genetically identical to their first mate, Satira, but unlike Satira she is trustworthy and caring. I found it easy to see why she would capture her men's hearts. The complexities of this future world are slowly revealed and the reader is held in suspense along with Laci who struggles to understand what has happened. It makes for an interesting journey. Although extremely forceful in their intentions, Alek and Darion are equally determined to bring pleasure to Laci and to ultimately make her happy. Their insatiable sexual drive will have you reaching for someone as well! Enjoy this hot futuristic tale with a significant other nearby.
ISBN #1-4199-0776-X
October 2006
Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.
110 Pages
Ménage a trois or More / Futuristic
Rating: 4 cups

Laci Trion is a human-alien hybrid created by corrupt scientists, and has escaped their labs. One by-product of her creation is she must answer all questions truthfully, or suffer horrific pain. Laci finds herself captured and being questioned by two men named Alek and Darion. What is confusing for her is these men have haunted her fantasies and dreams.

Alek Teyan and Darion Malan are known to the world as human-alien hybrids too. They are “First Generation” and disappeared over fifty years ago from their creators. These two men have a special bond and lead their people with arrogance and utter confidence. In addition, they claim Laci to be their mate and must reawaken her memories of them. This will be challenging as Laci fights them.

Laci awakens to find she is naked and in restraints at the feet of Alek and Darion. To her shock, these men state she is their mate. Nevertheless, Laci disbelieves their claim, even though she feels an instantaneous lust for them. To garner her trust, the men release her as promised. When Alek and Darion finally have Laci back, they turn up the heat on her senses by sexually stimulating Laci at ever turn. In addition, these three must also contend with the threat of certain individuals who wish to use them again for their evil purposes.

This story will have you burning up with desire as Laci is served a sexual feast. Alek and Darion bombard Laci with hot, blistering sex. In addition, Laci watches the men she loves stroke and excite each other in a couple of m/m scenes. There is also adventure as she helps to free some women from captivity. Enjoy this book as it grabs you from the first page and refuses to let you go until the last.

Candy Cay
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books



4 1/2 Lips from Two Lips Reviews

Reviewed by Tara Renee

Second Chance is a fascinating book. Laci was betrayed by the men at their first meeting and watching the men fight to claim her is very enjoyable because Laci is strong and feisty. Rebecca Airies does a tremendous job with her characters. Alek and Darion are super sexy in their determination to have Laci. Brace yourselves for the love scenes. They will bring you to your knees, they are so hot. There is a bit of male/male sex in the story that ratchets up the heat. The plot of Second Chance is original and interesting. Rebecca Airies develops both the story and the characters creating a book fantasy erotica readers will not want to put down.


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