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Rebecca Airies

Work in Progress


Creations that are not quite ready for submission

Shifting Fate (tentative title)
Futuristic/Shapeshifter Menage
     Lina Cadian wants a vacation.  With the hassles of her normal life and the work she occasionally does for Central Command, she could use some time to relax.  She's not going to get it.  She 's been called to try to rescue a woman on a planet in Shifter Controlled territory.  
    Shard Callan and Kaleb Markan are the Ardin of Karach Thent and are on Nariu Minor to establish their home and searching for a piece of their Thent's history.  They had believed that they would find the woman who had run away from her mate with little trouble until they found evidence that someone had managed to get onto the planet without their knowledge.
     Lina first sees the two men on the vid-screen while she was scanning their camp to see if they had found the woman she had been sent to rescue.  They're gorgeous, but she knows them immediately as dangerous predators.  She had always known that getting caught in Shifter territory would be life-changing for her, but she never envisioned what happened next. 
  Danger lurks on Nariu Minor, posing a threat to Lina and all of the shifters. 

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Primal Passion
Loosely connected to Primal Quest
Zaden Felinian has finally found a home for his pack after years of the traveling life of a mercenary. The need to find a mate of his own has only grown as his life became more stable. He hardly expected to find his mate as he waited in line for the next travel-gate.
High Indiri Tara Sedai is scouting for a planet suitable for a colony of Indiri healers. She's been looking at likely worlds for months and even at first glance, she finds nothing to recommend Deral.
She's trapped on Deral with a man who at first seems a little insane. Discovering that he's a shifter is the least of her worries. He's decided that she's his mate and that's just the start of her troubles.

Lost Memories
Shapeshifter/ Futuristic

Untitled Futuristic vampiric menage

By Sorcery Bound
A witch searching for her stolen property--
Keira is searching for the woman who'd stolen her amulet when she encounters Rath, a dragon in need. Compelled by the circumstances to help him, she knows that involvement with him could lead to trouble. Unable to resist temptation, she takes a chance and spends just one night with the Rath. Taking up the ancient weapons to defend herself from beasts created by a Dark Sorcerer, she only wants to live through the battle.
Rath, part of a dragon-vampire pair, can't forget the feel of Keira's magic burning over his skin. He's determined to find her again. As soon as Damen, a vampire and the other part of the bonded pair arrives, they begin searching for the High Witch. She just might be their witch.

More info coming soon!

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